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Specialising in selling residential property by private sale, we have carefully considered every aspect of our service to ensure we achieve the very best results for you.  We recognise that private sale is the only way that a vendor can be sure they have achieved the highest and best offer in the market for their property.

Since opening the doors in 2014, our desire has been to bring trust back to real estate.  Anyone who knows us will testify that our heart is to equip others to make the best choices for themselves and their family.  Buying and selling property is a big decision and one that is best made based on factual, reliable and transparent information.

We are family owned and managed business, supported by a team of energetic and dedicated professionals who are determined to offer every client a positive experience when buying and selling property.  With an unwavering commitment to market each property for sale as if it were our own, our vendors testify time and time again to Frost Real Estate’s ability to exceed expectations.

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We offer a refreshingly different and transparent way to sell real estate.  To truly appreciate our service, we recommend that you find out more about the tricks and traps of the real estate industry.  We would love the opportunity to speak with you about our approach to real estate before you make any decisions around selling your home.

Do You Know Someone Who Is Thinking Of Selling?

We love selling real estate!  If you are thinking of selling or you know someone who is, call us on 0413018033.  We love helping people make well-informed decisions.  Our advice can and has saved people thousands of dollars, whether it be advice about leasing the property to tenants, updating the property, keeping the property or selling the property.  Sometimes a trusted expert is all that is required to help make life’s big decisions seem not so big after all.