Property Presentation

In today’s real estate market, your home needs to be buyer-ready. You have precious seconds to captivate a prospective buyer and for most buyers this begins when they first see the photos online, when they drive past the house or when they walk in the front door.

Your home is competing with many other homes for buyer’s attention, consideration and approval. Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to transform your home so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

It’s all about finding ways to highlight the positives and remove the negatives.

Presenting a home for sale is distinctly different from decorating a home to live in. There is nothing personal about presenting a home for sale, in fact it is the complete opposite. It’s more than removing personal items such as photos, it’s about removing your personal style and way of living. Home buyers are not buying your lifestyle, they are buying the house and the lifestyle they envisage having within it.

Presenting a property for sale is an art, not a science which means that many people will have many differing opinions on what to do. For this reason, choose one person to work along side.  Too many cooks really can spoil the broth. Enlist someone with experience in presenting properties for sale and who understands real estate photography, the market and buyer feedback.

After your home is presented for sale, it may not feel like yours anymore. It may be uncomfortable, inconvenient or unsettling. Some people even consider their home to look sterile or clinical. Be encouraged as these are often signs of a home that is ready to place on the market.

The less your home feels “lived in” by you, the better the buyer can picture themselves in it.

A few tips…

Consider colours that are less divisive. Buyers are more likely to have a stronger opinion about reds and purples than they are about blues and greens.  If you’re keen to find the highest and best price for your home, it’s worth going to the extra effort to remove those things that are likely to divide buyer opinion.

‘Staging’ a property is simply where furniture and decorative items are hired for a period of time to showcase the space within the home. If you have an empty house or oversized furniture, staging can be a good way to improve the look of your home.

Sometimes staging companies can overdo it and make a home feel ‘fake’. Don’t feel the need to purchase extra decorative items to embellish your home. Most of the time, understated is best.

Aim to use what you already own and only purchase what is really necessary. We often recommend vendors purchase a new front door mat, bed covers, pillows and cushions.

If you are seeking inspiration, think of a five-star hotel room. Somehow the clean manchester, crisp sheets, plump cushions, clear benches, minimal decorations and neutral styling all aid in making you feel as though the room has been prepared exclusively for you.

How we can help you…

Our home sellers are given step by step advice on presenting their property for sale at no cost to them. We also offer assistance where required with decluttering, packing, styling, and staging etc.

For more information, feel welcome to contact us on 0413 018 033