Craig and I started Frost Real Estate in 2014. We hadn’t planned on starting a business, let alone a real estate business but we feel a series of circumstances led us to it.

Through our personal and professional experience we had become aware of the tricks and traps that exist within the real estate industry. As a response, we set out to create a real estate business that people could trust. Our focus has always been on the vendor’s needs, putting them first and recognising that every home seller’s story and reason for moving is unique.

Keen to provide home sellers with an agency they could believe in, we decided to go out on our own. From the beginning we went above and beyond for our clients; decluttering, cleaning, gardening, staging and styling. Our desire to see home sellers achieve the best price possible for their home developed into a real estate agency that also offered a personal home staging and styling service.

The first house we sold was full of everything and anything. We spent five days sorting, packing and moving every unnecessary item out of the house. As a result, she achieved an excellent result for her home.

Soon after we met a couple who had listed their property with another agency. They had been told to expect far more for their house than what it was really worth. Having trusted the appraisal given by the other agent, they had taken out a bridging loan and purchased another house before selling their own. They were in a very difficult situation.

We knew we could achieve a better result for them if we staged and styled their home. By the end of the day we had purchased over $10,000 worth of ikea furniture to stage the lower level of the house. We stayed up all night putting ikea furniture together (our young children asleep on pillows in the wardrobe) so that the property would be ready for photos to be taken the next day.

Over the next three years we acquired an entire warehouse of staging furniture that we used to present properties for sale.Working out of a large tafe that had been shut down, we staged and sold properties from Kinglake to Croydon, gaining invaluable experience along the way. It was a busy time, staging properties at night and selling them through the day but incredibly rewarding.

Though we loved it, we sold the staging stock in 2016 to focus purely on sales. Since then we have built a strong relationship with an external staging company who we work with to fit out houses for sale.

For the first few years, we worked from home until we purchased an office in Bundoora. It was a beautiful place from which to work (drenched in plenty of natural light with views of a reserve) however it was not necessary as most of our time was spent with clients, in their homes.

Today we consider ourselves a mobile agency, willing to travel and meet with our clients anywhere from a café, their living room or even ours.

Adamant about finding the best way to sell real estate, over the years we have studied real estate sales extensively. We believe that our methods of sale remove all the unnecessary hype associated with selling real estate. Both private sales and private inspections place the attention back on the property rather than on the agent or agency.

Since marrying in 2001, Craig and I have lived in over twenty-one houses. We have built three houses, renovated one, rented nine and house sat two homes for an extended period of time. We are well acquainted with packing boxes. We now live in our forever house and are happy to have found our home.

We hope that one day our story helps yours.