How do you estimate what my property will sell for?

We base the estimated selling range of every property on recent sales within the area. We do not filter data to manipulate the results and are also able to send our clients a link to an independent property data program so that they can do their own research.


How much will you advertise the property for or tell buyers the property is worth?

We do not underquote property to buyers. We will always advertise the property in line with the appraisal range given to the vendor. We see no value in attracting people to the property who can not afford it. Buyers appreciate being told the truth from day one and we have found that this increases buyer confidence when submitting an offer.


Do you sell many houses in my area?

We have achieved excellent results for our vendors in over 36 suburbs. Our business structure allows us to successfully sell property across Melbourne.


Will a local agent bring more buyers?

Gone are the days when buyers look to purchase property through a particular agent or agency. Most buyers look online at either or When they find something that is of interest to them, they simply contact the agent whose name is listed beside the property.


Do you have a data base with buyers who could be interested in my property?

Yes, we have a database of current buyers who may be interested in your property. However we usually recommend advertising the property for sale to be sure that the best offer in market is achieved. Be mindful that some agents only say they have interested buyers on their database as a way to persuade clients to sign with them.


How do you know who is going to come to an inspection?

Our preferred method to show buyers property is by private inspection where we pre qualify all buyers via phone or email prior to showing the property. Private inspections allow us the time required to build rapport, answer questions and highlight the key selling features.


Do you have a system to track buyer enquiry and feedback?

Yes, every buyer enquiry and their feedback about the property is captured into our database. Every buyer is contacted after an inspection to further gauge their level of interest and also notified when an offer has been submitted.


Can we as vendors access the data base?

Yes, we give every vendor access to database feedback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This level of transparency ensures that every vendor is given the same information so that they can make informed decisions. In addition to this, our agents keep vendors informed – every step of the way and as the vendor requests.


How will I know that you are telling me the truth?

Recognising that it was not enough to simply ask you to believe that we are honest, we invested in a database that our vendors can access 24/7. For us, transparency is not just a throw away line or a mission statement hanging in a boardroom somewhere.


Do you have a proven sales process?

Yes, we have a plan for every stage of the sales process that drives our agent’s actions and ensures that nothing is left unfinished. Our sales process seamlessly blends together both repeatable actions and the individually tailored requirements of every vendor.


How much will it cost to sell my property?

We build a cost effective advertising campaign to suit each individual property and negotiate a competitive fixed price commission with our vendors.


How will you find the best offer in the market for my property?

We prefer to sell property by Private Treaty, meaning that we negotiate the sale of your property with individual buyers. We do not disclose how many offers are being made or the offer amounts between interested buyers.

Having been informed along the way by the Agent and via 24/7 access to buyer feedback, you will be informed to make the best decision for you and your family. After being presented an offer or offers, our vendors are empowered to accept, reject or counter any offer. The offer process is conducted in a timely manner, in person or electronically, allowing us to perform sales wherever the vendor or the buyer’s location.


What is the best way to sell my home?

We prefer to sell properties by advertising them FOR SALE and negotiate the sale price with buyers.

We don’t advertise “sale by set date” because it can be misleading as most houses will remain on the market beyond this date if they fail to sell by that time.

We can sell by Auction but do not often recommend it because of the pitfalls which can include;

  • the four week sales campaign designed to condition the buyer to accept less than originally suggested.
  • the pressure placed on the vendors to sell on the day.
  • the highest bid is often not the highest amount a buyer was willing to pay for the property.

The findings of William Vickrey (Nobel Prize Winner), demonstrated that buyers are likely to pay more when each offer is unknown to the other buyers. This can only happen in a private sale.

How do you compete with a multi office agency?

As a boutique agency we have the benefit of working as a team to achieve the same goals. Our rewards are shared. Most agents are paid on commission meaning that they are better to list and sell their own properties. It is not in their best interest to work on properties that someone else in the office has listed. Most buyers will only contact the agent whose details are advertised beside the property and so the larger agency or chain agency is to no benefit.


Should I buy or sell first?

The answer to this is entirely based on your personal circumstance and financial situation. Most of the time however we recommend people sell before they buy so that they are sure they can afford their next purchase.


What should I do to update my property?

Most of the time our advise is contrary to many of the home renovation shows that you see on t.v. Putting in new kitchens and bathrooms may make your property look shiny and new but it won’t always present a return on investment.


If I agree to have you as my listing agent, do I have to sell?

The decision to sell your property or take it off the market is entirely up to you.


How long will it take to get my property on the market after signing with you?

It usually takes between two and five days to advertise a property. It can take longer if the property requires staging or styling.


What is staging?

Staging is where suitable furniture is hired and placed in your home to best present how to use the space.


Here are some more questions that you may be interested in asking when meeting with us…

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  • How long will my house be on the market?
  • When is the best time to accept an offer?
  • What happens if I don’t sell my property?
  • What if I’m not happy with your service and want to change agents?


We look forward to answering your questions over the phone 0413 018 033 or in person.