Our Vision and Values

When Craig and Renee opened the doors to Frost Real Estate in 2014, they both had a clear vision of how to help people through the process of selling their home. At the heart of Frost Real Estate is a passion for helping, and an unwavering commitment to delivering certainty for buyers and sellers through honest and open communication.

“It’s one thing to think you got the best price for your property but it’s another thing entirely to know you got the best and highest price for your property.”

We genuinely work in the best interests of our clients and commit to:

  1. Act with absolute openness and integrity.
  2. Delivering accurate up-to-date sales data for our clients.
  3. Market every property in the range we believe it will sell – we will not underquote prices to buyers or over promise to vendors.
  4. Giving you access to real-time information so you can view buyer interest and feedback via an online vendor portal within minutes of them being received.
  5. Provide our clients with outstanding customer service through our honesty, hard work and high levels of communication.
  6. Following up on every inquiry promptly and create an environment in which buyers can confidently and securely submit their best offer.
  7. Draw on our passion for helping others so that every stage of the real estate process is a positive experience; investing care, respect and sensitivity in our relationship with you.
  8. Pledge to share all information with our vendors, ensuring they are equipped to make informed decisions when selling their property and home.
  9. Share the benefit of our expertise and many years of experience to drive the best result.
  10. No tricks or misleading practices often associated with the real estate industry.