Our Agency

Craig and Renee Frost are involved in every aspect of their family business and ensure open communication gives you the peace of mind and certainty that is needed when making one of life’s biggest decisions.

We are determined to create a better way for people to buy and sell their home with confidence – and modelled on what they’d expect as customers themselves.

“It’s a time when someone may be letting go of a long-loved home where they’ve created a lifetime of family memories. And it’s also an exciting time for someone else who’s falling in love with their new home,” says Craig.

Frost Real Estate is renowned for setting new standards of transparency and open communication between people involved in all real estate negotiation.  At Frost Real Estate, transparency is not just a throwaway line or a mission statement hanging in a  boardroom somewhere. At Frost, it’s evident in the diligent processes and world class information management system that facilitate the highest levels of integrity and customer service for every client

We don’t only want our vendors to think that we’ve achieved a great result, we want our vendors to know without a doubt that we have achieved the highest and best result in the market for their home.  There is a big difference between the two.

So while research shows a change in residence is one of life’s biggest stressors, the Frost team is changing that. People who partner with Frost when selling or buying a property are guaranteed to experience something refreshingly different.