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We opened the doors to our family business in 2014, determined to provide the best service to our clients.  For the following two years, we put every part of our business and what we knew about real estate sales under the microscope.  We were adamant about removing the usual practices to make way for the best processes.  

This begins with the latest technology that enables us to do what can take other agencies a team of people to carry out.  Our database of current buyers is regularly updated allowing us to promote and gauge the level of interest in your property, even before taking it to market.  Our database of buyers is also available to every agent within the office, meaning that no buyer can be ‘hogged’ by another agent in the office.

Traditionally, agencies were reliant on multiple offices and many agents to promote and sell property.  At our office, one agent can reach buyers with a touch of a button.

Real estate has changed and gone are the days where multiple agents are required to contact buyers to let them know that a property is for sale.  At Frost Real Estate, it takes one agent supported by the right technology and sales process to sell your home for the highest and best offer in market.

Sale Results $30,857 above our competition & 15.6 Days on Market

Average Results Based on Jan – July 2016 sales results across 9 suburbs.

Our Approach is designed to promote your property, save you money and get you the greatest return for your investment.  This meant reconsidering everything that was familiar to us and commonplace in the industry to make way for A New Standard.

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We pride ourselves on ethical and honest business practices that have been proven to produce the best results.  That’s because we are not only interested in selling one of your houses, we are interested in being your Real Estate Agency for life.

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