Buyer Advocacy Service

Need some help securing your first or your next property?

We offer a flexible service catered to assist individuals to purchase property; whether it’s by offering some helpful tips to get you started or purchasing your next dream home on your behalf.  We understand the frustration associated with purchasing real estate, especially when it comes to knowing who to trust and who not to trust.

Buyers should…
  • Calculate what they can comfortably afford and stay within their budget.
  • Consider needs over wants.
  • Calculate the hidden costs of insurance, rates, body corporate fees etc.
  • Research the suburb online and in person.
  • Research recent sales within the area to use as a comparison.
  • Submit all offers in writing to avoid being gazumped.
  • Get inspections and advice on properties you know you can afford.
  • Don’t waste money getting inspections on properties out of your price range.
  • Complain when an agency is unethical.

With our advice and support, families have saved thousands of dollars when purchasing property.  For others, we have simply given them the right tools to help them do it for themselves.  Whatever help you require, we look forward to tailoring our service to assist you with your next property purchase.

Email us at or call 9466 7888 for your free copy of The 13 Worst Mistakes Made by Home-Buyers.